What do Aerospace Engineers, the NFL, and Rock Stars have in common? Not much, except that they all trust Eden’s Designed ATA and equipment cases to protect their valuable equipment in transit.

For years, Eden has earned a great reputation for constructing one of the finest reusable cases in the business.

With a variety of quality materials to choose from, Eden’s cases can address a wide range of shipping needs including:

  • Lightweight sales and demonstration cases
  • Medical equipment cases
  • Watertight equipment cases
  • Internal shop transport totes
  • Soft – sided gear cases
  • Heavy-duty ATA cases for global transport


With Eden’s extensive background in both the packaging and cargo industry, we can help engineer any case to meet any requirements.

Our foam insets are engineered to provide the best shock absorption and minimize shock and vibration. Most foam inserts are precision cut using water jet technology. With water jet, you get the a perfect cut every time!

With Eden’s Cases, you can always depend on your parts arriving safe. Even if your carrier delivers it to the wrong place, at least it still arrives safe!