Save time, money, and resources while bringing your contract manufacturing and outsourced assembly under one roof. At Eden Outsource, we believe that the cost savings and quality of your outsourced manufacturing improves when the teams can work together to deliver the best products possible.

From simple carton and display pack outs to sophisticated equipment assembly, Eden Outsource has skilled experts to take care of every step of your assembly needs. Our clients trust our work with complex equipment including copiers, hard drives, and non-sterile medical equipment such as surgical chassis and frames, tabletop units, and IV pole assemblies.

Our fully trained and experienced assembly staff works within a controlled, clean environment. We commit to 100% verification during and after the assembly process, and our final inspection is held to the highest QC standards. Assemblies are then packaged and protected for shipment back to the clients’ facility, to our secure storage warehouses, or directly to retailers.

We take pride in our workmanship and maintain a conscientious work force. It’s this workforce that allows us to be agile and responsive to meet even your most urgent production needs. By offering you a single point of contact for all aspects of your project, you’ll enjoy easy communication, streamlined updates, and dependable customer service.

Let us share the common goal of your continued success.