The sale of your product depends on its ability to arrive to your customers on time and undamaged. Whether you’re bundling high quantities of products for delivery or shipping complex or fragile equipment across the globe, Eden Outsource offers full-service solutions for industrial packaging design, production, assembly, and fulfillment.

When done correctly, industrial packaging should deliver tangible benefits to your organization. Save resources and protect your reputation by partnering with an expert who knows the most efficient methods of packing your products.

  • Reduce labor in production and assembly
  • Minimize the number of components shipped to warehouse
  • Reduce or minimize transportation costs
  • Minimize the number of components handled
  • Minimize damage, claims & duplicate handling
  • Increase sales with “Customer Compliant” designs
  • Provide cost saving for purchasing
  • Address end user disposal & environmental impact

Eden’s processes are long established, and we take pride in our ability to address every logistical need from pre-assembly through “just in time” delivery. Focus on growing your business and let our skilled labor force take care of your supply chain needs.