Improving packaging and sustainability not only provides an opportunity to increase your bottom line profits; it also enables you to address and promote your organization’s environmental policy.

Even for those organizations whose focus isn’t on green initiatives, most major retailers are requiring a shift in mentality. Many Big Box retailers, like Wal-Mart and Costco, require manufacturers to ship their products in environmentally friendly packaging while maintaining a competitive cost.

In today’s global marketplace, materials and products are constantly on the move, which can have a major impact on our environment. Green packaging initiatives include using renewable and biodegradable materials, saving on transportation costs through streamlined packaging designs, and reducing the amount of materials requiring disposal at the destination.

By planning your packaging design in the early stages of the project, you can design the waste right out of the lifecycle of the package because you strategically choose your raw materials and plan for each stage up front.

When developed correctly, industrial packaging should deliver tangible benefits to multiple departments within your organization.

  • Reduce labor in production and assembly

  • Minimize the number of components to warehouse

  • Reduce or minimize transportation costs

  • Minimize the number of components
  • Minimize damage, claims & duplicate handling
  • Increase sales with “Customer Compliant” designs
  • Provide cost saving for purchasing
  • Address “end user” disposal & environmental impact

The latest eco-friendly designs allow you to maintain functionality, durability, and security while delivering shelf-appeal and making the most of your resources. It’s become even easier to choose packaging designs that optimize shipping space and provide optimal protection.

From simple options such as incorporating SKID-MATE® air-dampened cushions instead of foam to designing reusable plastic shipping containers, there are countless eco-friendly packaging solutions to choose from. It simply requires an expert partner to help you choose the design that’s right for you.