Too Pooped To POP??? How Poor Shelf Presentation Can Lead To Lost Sales….

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Retail Packaging

At the end of the day, we are all consumers, every one of us.

Whether you are running a Fortune 500 business or heading a start-up complete with all of the headaches that come along with it, we live in a sales-driven world where it pays to be ahead of the pack.

As you may know from experience, there is no doubt that using various sales communications such as digital signage, packaging and displays are all vital ways to ensure your desired audience makes connections with your brand, and then most companies, hope and (some even pray) that rapidly translates into sales.

Did you know that people make 76% of all purchasing decisions in-store, and 68% of these purchases are impulse driven?? Therefore, your products packaging is one of the most important weapons that you have in your company’s arsenal.

So, why is it… that… after 31 years in the packaging business how is it possible that I keep getting the same phone calls year after year??   Hey Jon, we have a new product that we just developed; it’s going to be fantastic! But, we need to design a package for it, and we need it completed by next week.   Next week?? For a product that’s been in R & D for a year? I kid you not.
It’s my profession recommendation that companies start the packaging design process at the same time they get the approval to make the product.

It’s time companies take a slower and more meticulous look into their packaging strategy. The upfront investment seldom cost much, but the effort always helps ensure that you are maximizing your efforts for results that will surely not disappoint.

Product Packaging: The Facts

Product Packaging and retail displays should not be looked at as a cost, but rather as an investment to get your products into the right hands.

The science behind proper packaging is easy: If your customers are drawn to your packaging, they may be driven to make a purchase during the first few critical moments that they are initially introduced to your product. Remember you only have 2 seconds to attract their attention….then you need to hold them for 5to 20 more!

Some of the biggest mistakes brands and product manufacturers make includes:

  • Unclear Marketing and Packaging: If your customer has to guess what is inside a package, or the packaging does not feel relatable to them, you could be missing a new sale
  • Uninteresting Packaging: Is your product really telling your story and capturing your brand voice?
  • Faulty Claims and Overreaching Branding: Many brands will try their best to overcompensate for less than stellar products with untrue claims and loud, bright packaging to attract attention; don’t fall into this bad habit.
  • Using common color schemes that blend in with everything else on the shelf.
    Change it up and stand out from the crowd.

Well-executed product packaging can help boost visibility, influence purchases and drive sales. When done correctly, your packaging designs should provide the opportunity to create impressions and build unparalleled brand equity.

How Eden Outsource Can Help You Meet Your Product Goals

Located in Irvine California, just minutes from the Port of Los Angeles, Eden Outsource is a full-service organization that provides world class custom packaging; outsource assembly, contract manufacturing, and distribution services.

Our full service, quality conscience assembly includes:


  • Bundling and co-packaging
  • Displays and packouts
  • Promotional kits
  • Fulfillment
  • Shrink wrap and club store trays
  • RF welding of clam shell packs, store ready displays
  • Hi-clarity, full colors PVC Boxes and much more
  • Full distribution for local, US, Online or Global.


Our award winning designs will help you take the guesswork out of your assembly, packaging, and shipping needs so you can focus on what matters most- your business.


Contact our experienced team for more information.