What makes this product different

Nordic Drain Safe™ gel refrigerant packs are the result of years of research and development. Our team was challenged to innovate and engineer a product meeting our quality standards, performance requirements, and is representative of our stewardship for the environment.

Nordic Drain Safe™ is the first and only drain-friendly product in the industry. Our proprietary formulation provides a long lasting, thermally efficient gel pack which is safe and non-toxic. The days of disposal in trash receptacles are over. Nordic Drain Safe™ gel refrigerant packs are safely processed within municipal waste water or home septic systems.

About Nordic Drain Safe™

Nordic Drain Safe™ gel refrigerant packs are durable, reusable, and long-lasting poly gel packs. These packs offer the same performance as Nordic Ice traditional gel packs with the added benefit of being 100% safe for disposal in a household drain.


Temperature Range

Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen


Ideal For

Applications requiring a durable and long-lasting solution with the need to be easily disposed of after use.

The first and only drain-friendly gel pack on the market

Nordic Drain Safe™ gel refrigerant packs are non-toxic, safe for food and pharmaceutical shipments, and can be disposed of by simply pouring the contents down a household drain and recycling the pouch.


Clip top of gel pack with scissors.


Squeeze frozen or liquid refrigerant into sink. Note: Only Nordic Drain Safe refrigerant can be poured down the drain.


If frozen, allow refrigerant to completely thaw, then flush with water.


Pouch can be recycled where #4 plastics are accepted.

Fully Customized

There are many variables that influence the performance of an ice pack. That being said, we are here to help guide you. Give us a call and we are happy to help you identify what is the right solution for your application.
Here are a few questions we will ask to help you come up with a solution that will best meet your needs.

  • What are you shipping?
  • What type of packaging are you using?
  • Where are you shipping to?
  • How long do you need the package to remain in a specific temperature range?
  • Are there minimum and/or maximum temperature requirements for the duration of the shipping duration?